Peppa-world, the wonderland of NFTs is on the way!


the wonderland of NFTs is on the way!

Peppa Network is an innovative new cryptocurrency designed by enthusiasts for blockchain technology and children’s development.The network uses a zero-reserved fair launch method, where by 100% of the issued PEPPA enter the liquidity pool from which holders can purchase. This structure ensures an open and fair issuance of our token.
PEPPA tokens can also be obtained through competitions in Peppa World. Aside from large potential financial gains, as Peppa World develops many more exciting features will be revealed. The project eventually aims for complete decentralization.

The v2 version has been upgraded, click to redeem v2, Get staking reward.

disclaimer: even though it looks like a meme coin it’s a serious project give it a chance!

Token: PEPPA

Total Circulation: 100 trillion

Circulation Rate: 100%

Current Exchange: PancakeSwap

Contract Address(v2):


Launched at: 2021-4-21






Peppa Pig needs no introduction, a well-known and much-loved character and brand for children around the world. Much like DOGE, PEPPA is a meme coin based around the branding and aesthetics of Peppa Pig.We have associated our project with the Peppa Pig brand to help engage with a younger audience. Our goal is to aid the development of the next generation, and to help parentsincentivise good behaviour. for instance, if your child achieve a good result in school, parent can reward the child with peppa. the child can then use the peppa to enhance its peppa character. Participation in Peppa world will help users’ development in planning and application, while also engaging the imagination through a well-known character.
Peppa Network offers a fun first experience into the world of technology and cryptography through a relatable childhood world. On top of this, through good performance, the user will accumulate PEPPA tokens which ultimately can be transformed into real world wealth and value.
Through PEPPA COIN, an incentive is created for children toward good behavior.

How to get Peppa?

  • Method 1: Swap from PancakeSwap;
  • Method 2: Send any amount of bnb (including 0 bnb) to the contract address: 0x2Bc93e6d18AF85C5E86394DA9E1c0F552BA167f3, will receive equivalent Peppa;

Peppa developers have not left any coins, we accept donations, and the fundraising address: 0xae7390fb56dee12d417f3f2c803aa9d465463e4a

Peppa Children’s Fund donation address: 0x97f46E2cebf1b72952fb130A2c95F9a67b130EEC

Introduction to PEPPANETWORK

What is Peppa network?

Peppa Network is a sociological experiment from the Internet.

Peppa Network was formed by Peppa Pig enthusiasts, using zero-reserved fair launch method, 100% of the issued PEPPA enters the liquidity pool, and all holders of PEPPA are purchased from the liquidity pool, ensuring fair and open issuance of our token. Holders can also obtain PEPPA through competing against each other in the Peppaworld, and benefit from the endless possibilities of the Peppaworld further development,the goal is to achieve a complete decentralization.

Peppa Pig, our friendly childhood cartoon character for both adults and children around the world. It reaches through the heart of millions over 170 countries. PEPPA is a MEME COIN similar to DOGE, which imitates the origin process of DOGE and combines the cultural attributes of Peppa Pig.

The original intention of Peppa Pig is to leverage children's love for Peppa Pig. It is hoped that PEPPA can penetrate into every family with children to assist parents in their children’s education, and become a quantifiable rewards for parents to award children's for their well-behaved behavior, creating an incentive for kids to become their better self. In the process of growing up, each child gains the accumulation of PEPPA through his own performance, and finally transforms it into a wealth of practical value. The cultivation of consensus will make the circulation of PEPPA less and less. Hence Peppa price will raise and the NFT left by parents to their children, in a way, serve as a long-term insurance investment.

Peppa Network's goal is the makes the world a better place, to cultivate an enhanced version of our future generation.

What is our current stage and our version?

Develop Peppa children's wallet, Peppa ID-NFT, Peppa World and other infrastructure. we will continue to invest in building development interfaces, and accommodate other project parties.

How does Peppa Network operate?

Peppa Network is promoted by community volunteers with common hobbies, subverting the voting and monopolistic community management method. Community members support outstanding proposals or sub-project development in the form of participating in fundraising, so as to obtain priority returns. Volunteers do not receive any shares.

After the completion of the infrastructure construction of Peppa World, we will set up the Academy of Sciences building to attract more development teams.

What is Peppa World?

Peppa World is a virtual reality world with Peppa ID-NFT as the population. Peppa ID-NFT can experience any imaginable industry in this world, participate in the operation of Peppa’s world, manage its own PEPPA wealth and understand the laws of operation in the real world.

There will be government buildings in Peppa World, which are used for policy proposals and management;

There will be academy buildings for pioneering proposals and subproject development.

There will also be buildings such as banks, schools, art galleries, etc. in the Peppa World, which correspond to industries such as finance, architecture, education, and art. ID-NFT can participate in imaginable activities in this world. Each building represents a Dapp. Every building needs the participation of Peppa ID-NFT from planning, fundraising, construction, and operation.

In the end, Peppa World will be built into a self-operated traffic portal, and more MEME communities will be admitted at the same time, such as Doge, Shib, Lowb, Pig and other communities, they can also enter the world to work. Of course, they need to pay a certain visiter fee to the Kingdom of Peppa as a dividend for the Peppa fans.

What is the ID-NFT?

Different from other NFTs, ID-NFT is splittable and evolvable. The initial Peppa ID-NFT has only three attributes: constellation, skin color, and obedient value. In the future, other professional skill attributes will appear to suit different professional needs.

Through their study, work, activities, socializing, etc. In this world, they will evolve based on their attribute and skill mastery, so as to gradually develop their own unique NFT. Conversely, the mastery of different skills allows Peppa ID-NFT to take on more types of work in this world and earn more PEPPA.

What is the application of PEPPA in this Peppaworld?

PEPPA will build various value locking or burning scenarios in the application layer of Peppaworld.

It is used to develop Peppa NFT, acquire Peppa world land, pay for construction development costs, etc., bank storage and lending, art collection and auction, etc. Peppa Network is a sociological experiment from the Internet, which needs to mobilize the imagination, planning and application development capabilities of the entire Peppa fans community.

There is no reservation when PEPPA is launched. The construction of all application scenarios needs to go through the process of planning, proposal, fundraising, development, and construction. Dapp is presented as architecture in the world of Peppa. Excellent architecture will also be a store of value and profit.

  • Design & Creation of Peppa Network; Binance S-mart C- hain Listing
  • Presale Peppa Egg Event; Design & D- evelop Peppa ID-N- FT; Major update on contract - Rele- ase Peppa Networ- k Version 2; Webs- ite Update
  • Audit by third-pa- rty authority; NF- T sale; Top Excha- nge Listings; Part- nership Announce- ment; Marketing Push
  • Further Ecosystem Development - DAO, PeppaSwap, PeppaLend
  • More content in development...